An Explanation of all matter & Gravity

‘The Great Massquerade’©: The Theory of Matter.

Copyright Clifford G. Arnell 1985-2016

  ​ Einstein : E =MC² = 2*(½MC²) = ½MV² : Newton  


************* -Abstract- ************* 

The 'massive' characteristics of the Leptons, Hadrons, Quarks and Bosons have been examined in light of the famous equation first penned by Dr. Einstein, E=MC², and in light of a simple manipulation of this same equation to show the most important fact about the composition of Matter: All Matter is composed solely and entirely of Photons.  M=E/C².

In 'Massquerade'©, it is postulated that the pure kinetic energy possessed by Photons can be orbitally intertwined to form a Binary Soliton that can exhibit the 'massive' characteristics of a Lepton (Electron, Positron or Neutrino) and by extension, postulating that Ternary Solitons can exhibit the 'massive' characteristics of the Quark from which the Hadrons are composed without needing to add the problematic 'Higgs' Boson. 

Further, "Massquerade'© postulates the Electron is entirely kinetic and shows that the 'Kinetic Energy Equation', E=MC², can be easily reconciled with the 'missing ½' of the 'Kinetic Energy Equation' of Sir Isaac Newton, E=½MV² to prove that E=MC² is describing a purely kinetic form of 'mass'.

Proof will be presented that The Quark is a ternary Soliton and that the 'Basic Tenets' of ‘Massquerade’© will reveal how 'Massless Photons' can masquerade as Massive particles, that can produce and react with Gravitational fields.

‘Massquerade’© explains the following characteristics of matter:

1)the precise charge of all charged particles, Electrons, Protons, etc., regardless of massiveness, as well as the precise 'neutral' charges.

2)the actual diameter of the Electron and Positron.

3)an explanation of the composition of the Quarks of all Colors, charms and up/downness, as ternary Solitons.

4)a perfect explanation of the Equivalency Principle, and

5)an explanation of the momentum of 'massless particles'.

6)a novel explanation of the 'Force of Gravity', thus producing a unified field theory of all sub-atomic and nuclear forces that satisfy the requirements of the 'mechanical' models of mass and matter.

7)and finally, the funtioning of the REAL universe will be accurately explained in this new and novel explanation of the physics of all sub-atomic particles, Time-Space, the production of Gravity, Blackholes, and all 'massive and non-massive reactions to it.

'The Great Massquerade'© is a Unified Field Theory 'sans' Quantum Physics and Higgs.  E=2*(½MC²).

​"Reality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistant one" Albert Einstein.



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